The strategic choices of a company inevitably involve the operational structure "operations", the part of the company organization that puts in place and implements the company's services or products. In operations often reside most of the operating costs of the company in terms of:
  • Direct operating staff
  • External contractors (outsourcing)
  • Investments in structures (e.g. industrial buildings, warehouses,) Production plants (e.g. machines, automations, ...)
  • Distribution network and fleets
  • Support technology (WMS, TMS, CRM, ...)
Each company constantly seeks an increase in profitability both by optimizing the available resources and by setting its operating organization for the management of new business lines or markets. LOGPLUS + is able to support its customers in this process by bringing a structured approach and innovative ideas.

 Supply chain analysis to free up financial resources related to stocks and non-productive assets

 Design of operating organizations to increase volumes, manage new business areas and new markets

 Feasibility studies and simulation of alternative scenarios (with the support of financial assessment)

 Restructuring and Turnaround with a focus on operations: distribution network, organization, operational and technological assets, working capital

 E-commerce: creation of the operational and management logistics structure